Carburetor Spacers are a great tool for tuning.  If designed properly, they can make substantial gains.  These Ryan Brown Performance spacers are designed and machined in-house, and they have been in high demand by engine builders and racers.  Gains over the popular blended type spacers have surprised alot of people.

                                   Prices start at $225
            Currently these are the spacers we have developed:

- 2BBL 500 CFM (4412 type) carb to Holley open plenum manifold
- 2BBL 500 CFM (4412 type) carb to Holley Dual Plane manifold
                         (Avail in 1 11/16 and 1 3/4 versions)

- 2BBL 500 CFM (4412 type) carb to Q-Jet manifold

- 2BBL 350 CFM carb to holley open plenum manifold
- 2BBL 350 CFM carb to holley duel plane manifold

This 350 Carb spacer has shown gains of 13 ft/lb TQ over the best spacer the engine builder had been using.  Graphs coming soon.

- 4BBL 390 Specific, built for Crate motor racing and others, where rules specify the spacer bores must be straight, no tapers or bevels.  Solid gains for these tight HP engines!

- 4BBL, 604 Specific, exact fit to Crate motor intake manifold
Avail in several different baseplate versions, including one to perfectly fit our crate motor specific carburetor.

- 4BBL, 1 11/16 and 1 3/4 base versions for different plenum sizes,
custom is available

** These spacers will not fit rules requiring parallel throttle bores **

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