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Specializing in Holley and Rochestor carburetors, we have the in-house facilities to restore and modify your carburetor.  With zinc plating and di-chromating tanks, we can get that carburetor looking new again, and with our tuning experience it will be custom tailored to your engine.  We now offer powder coating on Holley Carburetors for that unique look so many people like!

Located near Calgary, Alberta... our shop is filled with testing equipment and dynos to ensure every product goes out the door with my seal of approval.

You will only find a Carburetor Wet-flow bench in a handful of shops, and ours is one of them.  We also have Chassis and Engine dynos where we develop and tune our products.  Working with the very tight rules for Circle Track racing for over 20 years has forced us to dig deep into the carburetor circuits to make them more efficient and give our customers the advantages they need to win races and championships.  This knowledge spills over into every street carburetor we build also!.

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