Testing our product and tuning customer engines is a BIG portion of the business we do here.

We are very proud to have a Stuska / DEPAC engine dyno equipped with one of the very first ADL load controls from the guys at DEPAC.  This load control is amazing!

When testing engines on the dyno, we strive to have everything as close as it can be to actual running conditions in the car.  Sure it would be quicker to slap on a set of dyno headers and run a "dyno" fuel pump... but we find the extra time this takes more than pays off in the end.

Our dyno is very well equipped with extra sensors and features like measuring Blow-by, Oil and Water flow, 10 channel Wide band O2 sensor bank... along with a commitment to logical testing by inspecting the engines condition throughout tuning.  Stopping to cut open oil filters and visually inspect spark plugs are all things that can get forgotten and turn into a problem if ignored.

The chassis dyno is a great companion to the engine dyno... and was a welcome addition to the shop.  We have equipped it with many additional sensors and gauges to keep an eye on the things we deem important.  Having control over the testing procedures and being able to measure the critical elements pays dividends for our customers. 


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Click PIC for VIDEO